The Features of Ms Word 2007




Ms Office 2007 is one of the best versions of Ms Office. MS Office 2007 published by Microsoft. It introduced a new graphical user interface which is called the Fluent User Interface.  

MS Office 2007 introduced Office Open XML file formats as the default file formats in Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Now I am going to talk about the features of Ms Office 2007. These are the following features of Ms Office 2007 that make more effective of Ms Office 2007 which follows:  


·         Ribbon Bar- The user has found that the grouping of features on the Ribbon Bar really.  


·         Save as PDF- Every user has not Ms Office 2007. But most of the users have installed Adobe Reader for reading any PDF file. The users can save their document as a pdf directly.  


·         Inspect Document- After the process of a series of revisions accepted or rejected and changes tracked, and removed and added, then run the Document Inspector is wise. It will let the users know about any last story changes and comments.  


·         Track Changes- In this process collaborating on a document that is critical to see the changes other makes.  


·         Visual Previews - The user loves seeing changes happen as he makes them when previewing different styles or resizing an image. Just like as a change from the earliest versions of Ms word. The user waited many minutes for a page to re-render after adding an image. 


·         Table Styles- Tables are a great option in Ms Office 2007 to present any kind of information and it is simple to make the tables pretty with built in table styles. The user can create a table for working in MS Word. And mostly use this feature in Ms Word.  


·         Push Pins- As the user s work on documents, they appear in Recent Documents list under the Ms Office 2007 button in the top left corner. After that, a single click on one reopens the document for editing, until this document is pushed off the list by new arrivals. 


·         Crops the images- It is also one of the special features of Microsoft Office. It works when the user takes a screenshot for pasting in MS Word then the feature of cropping images uses for editing the image.  


The users want to know more about Ms Office 2007 then they will contact with Microsoft customer Support or visit this site the given site-